Smart Phone Photography Workshops



Jo is a regular public speaker about photography, her talks cover a wide range of topics from smart phone photography to analogue photography.  Jo has a popular series of talks for camera clubs and photographic societies designed to help the audience find ways to express their creativity in unconventional ways.

Jo is often featured talking about smart phone photography on TV and radio shows including BBC1's Sunday evening prime time TV show Countryfile, and on the BBC and ITV evening news, and even Radio 4.

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I was in the spellbound audience and must say how much I enjoyed her talk.  It was one of the best talks I have heard and her enthusiasm for photography was quite stimulating.
Was a great evening and very enjoyable and should have been an inspiration to all aspiring photographers, whatever genre.
I thought Jo was a wonderfully entertaining and informative speaker who managed to convey so much about her ideas, feelings and philosophy about photography and life. Her enthusiasm was infectious and I was totally motivated to go and be creative myself.
A great evening, I thought her Smart phone project was fascinating and I have ordered two copies of her book, one for me and another for my daughter who loves using her iPhone. 
It was a great presentation and it showed how focussed and driven she has been and how quick she is to see and run with an opportunity (and keep ahead of the pack). She recognised that there were millions of people out there struggling to take anything decent with a mobile phone. Thanks to her skill and energy she can enthuse those people to take more and better pictures and very good luck to her!
Judging by the noticeable number of members looking at their phones during the tea break Jo had obviously had a great impact and we were eager for part two of the talk.

I think last night Jo probably sold quite a few advance copies of her book and I hope she’ll be able to return to us soon.

I found her presentation very motivating. It proved that we don’t have to conform to be successful. She is clearly a strong, motivated lady and inspiring. Loved her enthusiasm.
She is a specially valuable speaker as she presents a totally different way of looking at photography.
Brilliant and informative presentation, really inspired me, I have the apps now on my phone, here goes!!
Thank you Jo for your outstanding presentation to us last evening. Apart from the interest of the creative whirlwind of your photographic career, the way in which you’ve embraced smart phone photography is a lesson to us all, particularly those of us who tend to hang on to traditional photographic methods for dear life!

Watch Jo on BBC Spotlight News below

Jo Bradford's appearance on Spotlight News on the 6th April 2018